Dowsil sealants for professional use

Dowsil silicone products for glass construction are characterized in particular through outstanding weather resistance, UV-resistance, permanent elasticity and durability.

We offer solutions for safety-relevant scope of application „Structural Glazing“ which are approved (ETA)  in accordance with European  guideline on the application and testing of SG adhesives (ETAG 002), which is adhered to in most EU states and takes local regulations into account.  Our global products meet the regional specific requirements in Europe, USA and Asia.

We are having acquired a high level of expertise with regard to special applications like hurricane, earthquakes and explosion protected SG-constructions.

Structural Glazing

Silicone structural glazing („SG“) is a method utilizing a silicone adhesive to attach glass, metal, or other panel material to the structure of a building. Wind load and other impact loads on the façade are transferred from the glass or panel, through the structural silicone sealant to the structure of the building. The silicone sealant must maintain adhesive and cohesive integrity as the façade is subjected to wind load and thermal stresses.

Structural glazing (SG) is a high performance application and not all silicone sealants are suitable for this application. Only silicone sealants which have been developed and tested specifically for structural glazing applications should be used. Each Dow Corning structural glazing sealant has been granted a “European Technical Approval” (ETA) through independent testing according to the current European structural glazing standard: European Technical Approval Guideline (ETAG002). The sealants also have a CE mark which indicates conformity to European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.