PU foams

PU foams Arapuran® Speed and Arapuran® Zack out of the can are insulating, sealing, bonding, assembling, backfilling, modelling, fixing and protecting.

The one and two component PU foams are preferably used in the construction sector. PU foams have become an indispensable component in modern, cost and energy saving buildings by smooth application, efficient working properties, attractive price-performance and the unbeaten insulating effect.

Perfect adhesive force on various materials e.g. concrete, fibre cement, plaster, masonry, wood and a variety of plastics. In addition high resistance against a variety of acids such as sulphuric, nitric acid or sodium hydroxide solution etc. In this regard, the specification of each manufacturer has to be taken into account. The foam does not adhere to teflon, polyethylene, silicon, fats  or similar. Its permanent isolation gets an excellent heat and sound insulation.