Arapuran® Zack en

Arapuran® Zack is a two component Polyurethane-foam which cures after adding the catalyst independent of moisture conditions. This results into a controlled expansion property and a fast curing time. No pressing, no deformation of the assembly parts. After curing Arapuran Zack can be processed mechanically, painted, over sticked and over rendered. Ideally usable for the installation of door frames and wooden windows, plastic and metal, to fill Joints and wholes of all shapes and sizes, insulation and sound reduction, for reinforcements and bonding. No adhesion on Teflon, polyethylene, silicone, and oily, greasily or waxy and wet substrates.

Arapuran Zack fulfills the requirements of the sound absorption classes 4 and 5.

The propellant mixture is in line with the German legislations. Contains no formaldehyde, PCP, PCB, CFC or HFCS

Easy handling, no additional application device needed, fast curing, reaction independent of air and moisture, controlled expansion, high foam yield, filling of deep holes in one working step allows time and cost reduction.


  • can 750 ml

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