Arapuran® Speed en

Arapuran® Speed is a one component moisture curing Polyurethane-foam according DIN 4102-B2. After curing Arapuran Speed reaches a semi rigid condition. Cans are equipped with a screw adapter prepared for the use with standard foam guns. Perfect adhesion on wood, pressboard, blister, brickwork, plaster, concrete, metal, Styrofoam, PUR rigid foam, polyester, and hard PVC. No adhesion on Teflon, polyethylene, silicone, and oily, greasily or waxy substrates. Please protect against UV immersion. The propellant mixture is in line with the German legislations. Contains no formaldehyde, PCP, PCB, CFC or HFCS.

Cost reduction due to extreme fast extrusion, economical use, fast curing, perfect one hand operation, high adhesion, good insulation, no dripping on the nozzle, no curing in case of working breaks, changing of the can within seconds.

Sound absorption class 4.


  • can 750 ml

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